September 19, 2022

Core HRMS is the main module of a human resource management system that includes features needed by nearly every HR department. Nowadays, it is common for medium to large size businesses use HR technology. It certainly replaces manual HR processes, automates workflows, allows management to access key HR KPIs from anywhere, and stores all the employee data in one place.

Best HR software should include Core HRMS with a standard package.

What is the core function of HRMS?

Core HRMS helps an HR department achieve more with less. It enables an employee to access his or her information without any help from the management. Core HRMS enables HR management to spend more time doing workforce management with a better insight provided by HR analytics and less time on providing employee information.

Why implementing core HR software is important?

It's better to think about implementing core HR software when human resources processes are not yet complicated. Core HRMS will provide the right foundation to grow your processes and workflows in an automated, streamlined way.

For example, performance management without a core HRMS can be very unpleasant to employees and management due to record tracking, manual workflows, and face-to-face approvals that need to happen. Employee performance may also improve because each employee will understand their role in the company and what their goals are that they need to accomplish to further progress their career.

HR technology like Workuments helps management to focus on their most important asset - employees. It also prevents a management from spending hours on finding data to back up a raise. All notes about communication with a certain employee are stored in core HR and can be accessed by users with pre-defined permissions.

Talent management that is done manually take days and sometimes even weeks longer than using HR software to do this HR function. Sometimes talent management is already in place and vendors like Workuments can connect to your current solution and create a seamless integration between the two.

Payroll department might not want HR department to implement a core HRMS because they don't want to move to a different payroll system. However, vendors like Workuments can easily implement with any payroll provider. This integration can add a valuable HR process that will help your HR team review employee data before it goes to Payroll to avoid employee mistakes that can lead to delayed paychecks.

Human resources management system like Workuments can integrate with benefits administration providers and allow each employee have access to the same benefits. HR manager can define automated rules that will show the right healthcare plans to the right employees based on custom criteria.

What are the functions of core HR software?

Core HRMS adds additional functions that are only available with the use of HR tech:

  • Keep employee record
  • Track professional services (contractors, gigs, etc.)
  • Improve employee experience
  • Enable an HR professional to adjust employee compensation, schedule, job, and more on the fly.
  • Provide another channel for employee engagement
  • Provide instant and customizable HR analytics for HR leaders.
  • Potentially become the ultimate software used by human resources.

How to strategically implement your HR core?

HR management software should be implemented by the right people, at the right time, with the right technology, and prioritized modules/features.

1. The Right People

Let's say you found Workuments to be your perfect HR tool, then what? Without your input, the flexibility that Workuments offers will not be utilized to its max potential. HR software has many features and modules. The implementation team needs to understand what the important core HR pieces are to your business and prioritize those during the beginning stages of the implementation process.

As you get a document where you have to fill out the requirements for the project, who will be the best human resource to complete that task? The information your HR management team provides will define custom reports,   workflows, permissions, dashboards, and looks of your new HR software. Hence, having the right people on your team can help you to strategically implement core HRMS.

2. The Right Time

Implementation HR technology should be timed just right. Imagine implementing a core HRMS during open enrolment, end of year performance reviews, end of year HR reports, and holidays. Imagined? No fun! Spring is usually a calm season right before any of those above mentioned HR tasks start to get in your.

3. The Right Technology

Is getting exactly what you want out of core HR important to you? Then flexibility is what you are looking for in HR software. It's impossible to have everything an enterprise business might want out-of-the-box. Going into a selection process and understanding this is key.

Your core HR requirements might change in a year or two down the road. A flexible HR software system will enable you to adapt your new requirements quickly without pointing you to the original document with your requirements that was created long time ago.

New HR leaders often create new business rules and processes that force HR departments to start looking again for a new core HR. HR software with ultimate flexibility will help you keep your current system without losing your current data, employee experience, and time. Win-win for everyone!

What features make up good core HR software?

The core HR features that your management needs the most. Many vendors are trying to sell the same features and modules to every business regardless of their needs at this moment. A good core HRMS will have the flexibility to start with the features that address the most important current human resource needs.

Nonetheless, here is a list of important core HR features

  • System of record (all important HR data stored in one place)
  • Employee self service platform
  • Employee central
  • Employee dashboard
  • Delegation
  • Learning management system
  • Talent management
  • People analytics
  • Time management
  • Seamless payroll software integration


Implementation of core HRMS should be carefully considered and timed at every organization. If done right, it will become the center piece of human capital management at your company.

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