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September 23, 2022

Workuments is a flexible HR information system that helps medium to large size companies transform their HR department. This HRIS system serves as the core HR for you all of your human resource needs including:

What is an HR information system?

HR information system is an online app where both HR personnel can manage and obtain employee data on demand. Every employee can access employee self service and obtain their pay stubs, adjust their availability, look up skills needed to get promoted, take courses, submit service requests, look up their current compensation rate, request PTO, adjust employee benefits, and more.

Many HR professional today believe that putting employee experience at the center of and HR system should be of a high priority.

With HR software every employee is accounted for. Human resource information system can also create workflows that can automate and speed up approvals, service requests, and any HR process that requires HR leaders to get approvals from multiple stakeholders before taking action.

How does an HRIS help with employee management?

HR information system's primary goal is to help you successfully manage your employees and make changes to their job, hours, benefits, pay, and more on the fly. A comprehensive HRIS will encourage employee engagement to improve your understanding of their well being at your company. When an HR manager has that understanding, it's easier to manage employees because you know what will make them happy.

Tracking and reporting on employee performance in a way that makes the management and the employee happy and might be one of the most difficult tasks in human resources management. Workuments HRIS software enables you to automate your administrative tasks to speed up and streamline employee performance review.  

Think of a company you worked at that didn't have an HRIS solution. This will require you to remember every interaction you've had that had something to do with HR. You don't need to be an HRIS analyst to find cons of working at company with no HR information system.

Why are HR information systems important?

It might be easy to keep employee information secure when a company only has a couple of employees without the use of HR technology. However, what if there are 500 employees? They share their most sensitive data like social security number, their date of birth, salary, schedule, current address, phone number, personal email, and more.

New laws are created each year in every state that affect human resource management and HR operations. Without HR information system, implementation of these laws would have to be manual. Keeping track of incidents that are related to that new law is nearly impossible without a tactical HRIS.

A few years ago, companies started to get hit with lawsuits because managers would punch out employees if they forgot to punch out. Because the employee never formally agreed to the time submitted by the manager, companies would lose those lawsuits and lose millions of dollars.

Workuments was the first human resources information system that implemented a process that would require an employee agree to the time submitted by their manager before they can punch in the next day. Otherwise, they would need to speak with their manager to agree on a specific time.

Another benefit of having human resources management system is an ability to automate HR processes. That way, if there is a new HR manager, employees can still request and get their PTO approved, they can still obtain their paystubs through an integration with a payroll system. Managers still have access to employee data. HR information system functions even if there is a change in the management.

HR software like Workuments can also tie different aspects of the system like scheduling, time & attendance into performance management. For example, if an employee doesn't come late to X number of shifts, then do Y.

What are the typical components of an HRIS?

A typical human resource information system will have the following components:

  • Storage of all employee data
  • Employee self service portal
  • Out-of-the box functionality
  • Standard reports
  • Standard dashboard
  • HRIS implementation
  • HR process automations
  • Cloud workforce management

Not all companies will benefit from only those basic components of HR information system. Sometimes flexibility during and after HRIS system implementation is key to future success. It's something that might save you time and money later because you will not have to look for a new system again because the requirements for HRIS software have changed.

HRIS system liked Workuments can adapt to your ongoing changes. While it might take months for one HRIS vendor to make changes to the human resource information system to accommodate your new processes or workflows, it can take a few weeks for Workuments. Don't just think about the HRIS software you need today. Think of the system you might need in a year from.

What if you need your HR information system to do things that are not typical to any other system? Maybe you have complex scheduling rules, promotion logic, custom competencies, unique onboarding, design requirements, etc. If any of this is true for your business, consider Workuments.


It's hard to imagine an HR department without an HR information system in place. Operational HRIS should be part of every company to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws. HR software will also make your employees happier due to streamlined performance management that Workuments offers.

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