At a Glance

Modern User Experience (UX) Extends to All System Admin Tools

Automate all key data tracking across the entire employee life cycle

Intelligent Workflows

Apply built-in intelligent workflows based on your business rules

Audit Trail

Maintain a totally reliable audit trail that is easily reported on

Data Security

Ensure highest level of data security based on latest industry standards


Easily import/export data from/to other business systems; e.g., interface with Payroll, etc.


Support all local and global compliance requirements as needed


Your Built for Purpose, System of Record

​Core HRIS is the Heart of your HCM Systems Platform... Workuments Treats It As Such. Leverage all data within delivered or third-party reporting and analytics tools.

​Core HRIS is the Heart of your HCM Systems Platform ... Workuments Treats It As Such

It knows your people and it gives you advice. It makes your business function better. It impresses everyone and helps your organization tick. Think of it as your crystal ball. Set it free and see what it can do.