At a Glance

Learning & Development
Personalized Learning Materials

Bring over your own training materials, videos, texts, images, and more.

Functional Tests

The system can be configured for simple tests or adaptive tests, that make the questions progressively harder or easier.

Progressive Learning

Customize the learning process by by making complex courses available only after the learner has successfully completed foundational courses.


Connect learning module to other modules within Workuments eco-system.


Serve personalized learning content to your employees, new hires, and prospects based on custom rules.

Rules & Automation

Workuments can create custom rules and automations to achieve the results your company is looking for.

Learning & Development

Personalized Learning Materials

Workuments has a native learning & development module to allow you create a totally custom learning path for current, new, and potential employees. Learning materials can take any shape and form like videos, functional tests, text, images, etc.

Measure Your Success

Companies often create learning materials, conferences, trainings, and webinars. However, rarely do companies measure the success of those events. You can use Workuments learning & development module to test those who participate in training activities to better understand the results of those activities.